Monday, August 13, 2007

Elkhart Sewage Lagoons

Birders love sewage. Well, birds love sewage ponds, lagoons, treatment centers so what is a birder to do? My favorite sewage lagoon is in Elkhart, KS. It laps its green, floaty-filled water against cement in the furthest reaches of southwest Kansas. If you are a Kansas birder you've heard of or been to this birder friendly lagoon. Unlike here in Chicago where sewage is guarded like Fort Knox, Elkhart has nice dirt roads outlining their lagoons. A window mount and scope are well suited for a nice leisurely drive around the lagoons. Many rarities have been seen there including, Red Phalarope, Little Gull, Eurasian Wigeon, Lesser Nighthawk, Sabine's Gull, etc...

A welcoming sign to birders!

Not as welcoming, but we know we are loved.

Maybe some of the locals aren't quite so sure what we are out here looking for? Well, yes, I guess they are Toyd Boyds!

A few birders checking out the lagoons. From left to right: Pete Janzen, Dave Williams, Brandon Percival

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