Saturday, February 28, 2009

More Bob Marley Poems please!

Here's one from Waccamaw

by David Kirby

These Arms of Mine

Sometimes interviewers want to know what
dead people I’d like to have dinner with,
but my answer to that is nobody;
I mean, I wouldn’t mind following Dante around
and see who he talks to and where he shops and what

his writing schedule is, but can you imagine
trying to have a conversation with Dante?
Yeah, he wrote the greatest poem ever,
but his world view would be totally different from mine,
plus his temper was supposed to have been terrible.

Shakespeare wouldn’t say anything, probably;
he’d be storing up bits for his next play. Whitman
would probably talk your head off, and then
you’d be bored and not like his work as much as you
used to. No, I don’t want to have dinner with anybody.

But if you’re serious about time travel, I’d like
to go to Jamaica in 1967 and be sitting at a table
and drinking a Red Stripe in the after-hours club
where Bob Marley is playing, and Otis Redding,
who is touring the island, comes in “like a god,”

according to eyewitness accounts, and Bob Marley
looks up and begins to sing “These Arms of Mine.”
Wow. I tell you, I wouldn’t be myself.
I’d be Troilus or Tristan or Lancelot,
crying my eyes out for Cressida or Isolde

or Guinevere. She’d be on the battlements
of a castle in Troy or Wales or England,
all beautiful and sad-eyed, and I’d be clanking
up a storm as I drop my lance and brush
my visor back and pound the table with my mailed fist

while all the rastas look at me and say “I and I a-go
cool out wit’ a spliff, mon!” But my arms
are burning, burning from wanting you
and wanting, wanting to hold you because
I need me somebody, somebody to treat me right,

oh, I need your woman’s loving arms to hold me tight.
And I . . . I . . . I need . . . I need your . . . I need
your tender lips, and if you would let these arms,
if you would let these arms of mine, oh, if you would
just let them hold you, oh, how grateful I would be.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Write to your Illinois State Senator

Make it easier to compost food waste in Illinois.

Go here.

Submit your poetry using the new fangled intranets!

Here's a list of links to poetry journals that have some kind of easy submission program or accept email submissions. This is mainly for me (so I can be lazy) but you all can look too.

After Hours (email)
American Poetry Journal (email)
Anti- (email)
The Baltimore Review
Barn Owl Review (email)
Bat City Review
Black Clock (email)
Blue Earth Review
Born Magazine (email)
Boston Review
Buffalo Carp (email)
Caesura (email)
Caketrain (email)
Coconut (email)
Columbia: A Journal
Copper Nickel (email)
Dossier (email)
Diode (email)
Drunken Boat
Greatcoat (email)
Gulf Stream
Hawk and Handsaw (email)
The Hollins Critic
Indiana Review
Keyhole Magazine
Kenyon Review
The Literary Review
The Lumberyard (email)
The MacGuffin (email)
Many Mountains Moving
Massachusetts Review (fee)
Meridian (Fee)
Missouri Review (Fee)
National Poetry Review (email)
Naugatuck River Review (email)
New Madrid
New Orleans Review
Ninth Letter
Pebble Lake Review (email)
Post Road Magazine (email)
A Public Space
Puerto Del Sol
Quarterly West
The Raintown Review (email)
Rattle (email)
Redactions (email)
redivider (email)
Reed Magazine
Sentence (email)
Spinning Jenny (email)
Third Coast
Tin House
Valparaiso Poetry Review (email)
Virginia Quarterly Review
West Branch
Whiskey Island Magazine (email)
Windfall Pacific Northwest (email)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Transparent Head-ed Fish

link and video


Wouldn't it be nice if all food was brought to us like this? Is there any possible way to end the mass production of foodstuff and at the same time feed everyone?

At Marlow & Daughters, all of the butchering is done in plain sight. “We do this out on the floor because we want you to see the difference,” Mr. Mylan said. “We can tell you it’s all local, and it’s all pastured, and buzzword, buzzword, buzzword, but until you take out a whole animal and put it on the table people have no idea what it means to bring really good meat into the city and break it down.”

Brooklyn's New Culinary Movement

Friday, February 20, 2009

Demetri Martin

Friday, February 13, 2009

Quote O' the Day

"You know, the last thing that I think we're looking for at this juncture is advice on fiscal integrity or ethics from Karl Rove. I've never seen anything really like it . . . [former White House chief of staff] Andy Card saying that we were somehow denigrating the presidency because people were wearing short sleeves in the Oval Office. We're wearing short sleeves because we have to roll up our sleeves and clean up the mess that we inherited," - David Axelrod.

Monday, February 02, 2009