Sunday, March 07, 2010

Plants of North Pond

North Pond Plants Slideshow

Joe Pye Weed (Sweet or Spotted or both?)

Thimbleweed (sw woodland)

Common Dogbane (se corner of pond)

Butterfly Milkweed (West Prairie and a few other spots)

New England Aster (North Wetland/Prairie)

Sand Coreopsis (East Slope)

Prairie Coreopsis (West Prairie)

Tall Coreopsis (West Prairie and some planted in North Prairie/Wetland)

Shooting Star (East Savanna)

Pale Purple Coneflower (West Prairie)

Purple Coneflower (West Prairie)

Rattlesnake Master (West Prairie)

Jerusalem Artichoke (West Prairie/East Savanna)

Prairie Alumroot (West Prairie)

Prairie Blazingstar (West Prairie)

Wild Bergamot (Many locations)

Common Evening Primrose (Many locations, weedy)

Stiff Goldenrod (West Prairie)

Wild Quinine (West Prairie)

Obedient Plant (West Prairie)

Prairie Cinquefoil (West Prairie)

Black-eyed Susan (Many locations)

Brown-eyed Susan

Wild Senna (North prairie/Wetland)

Cup Plant (West Prairie)

Prairie Dock (Many locations)

Ohio Spiderwort (Many locations)

Culver's Root (West Prairie)

Golden Alexanders (West Prairie)

Common Elderberry (East shoreline)

White Vervain (North Prairie/Wetland)

Riverbank Grape (Many locations)

Wild Columbine (Scattered locations)

Jack-in-the-Pulpit (East slope)

Rue Anemone (SW Woodland)

Wild Geranium (SW Woodland)

Virginia Waterleaf (East Savanna)

Virginia Bluebells (East Slope)

Celadine Poppy (SW Woodland)

Common Blue Violet (SW Woodland)

Sweet Flag (North Wetland)

Swamp Milkweed (North Wetland, scattered locations)

Buttonbush (South shoreline, scattered shoreline locations)

Common Sneezeweed (just planted in scattered locations)

Queen-of-the-Prairie (North Prairie/Wetland)

Blue Flag Iris (Shoreline)

Marsh Blazingstar (North Prairie/wetland)

Cardinal Plant (North Wetland)

Great Blue Lobelia (North Wetland)

Monkey Flower (North Wetland)

Common Arrowhead (Shoreline)

Blue Vervain (scattered locations)

Big Bluestem (West Prairie)

Switch Grass (West Prairie)


Yarrow (East Savanna)

Garlic Mustard

Common Ragweed

Canada (Tall) Goldenrod

Giant Ragweed (west Prairie)

Common Burdock

Common Evening Primrose

Common Milkweed

Indian Mustard

Canada Thistle

Asiatic Dayflower

Field Bindweed

Wild Carrot (Queen Anne's Lace)


Ox-eye Daisy

Purple Loosestrife

White Sweet Clover


Common Buckthorn

Curly Dock

Bladder Campion

Wild Mustard

Bittersweet (nightshade)

Common Sowthistle

Red Clover

Great Mullein