Sunday, August 26, 2007

Compost Happens

Slowly Maggie and I are getting to where we want as far as gardening/composting/recycling. We are still looking for a "farm," but for living as close to Chicago (where we can make some money) we are pretty happy. Here is our compost in the back yard. We started with a worm bin, but it just wasn't large enough for all our compostable matter. When we got the compost bin I added the worms thinking that if it got too hot for them they could go down into the ground, but our compost doesn't seem to get that hot so it almost feels like we have a big worm bin now. Either way the thing works. We put quite a bit of waste in there and it never gets much higher than you can see in the photo. I'll probably add quite a few leaves this fall. We'll see how it does in the winter.

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Larry said...

I just throw my compost behind a tree-I ended up with a surprise Strawberry patch and Pumkins too!-The only problem is that the pile gets too big.-Maybe I'll try one of those gdgets.