Friday, February 23, 2007

American Gothic

Took my students to to the Art Institute to practice their fieldsite visits on Wednesday. I was disappointed that Picasso's Old Guitarist was in the special collection. Of course it was because it was free to get in all month. Anyway, here's a blurry, crappy phone pick of Wood's famous painting. I am not particularly attached to this painting, but it is a treat to see it close up.


Christopher said...

Did you have to pay to get in the Art Institute? I want to go the Picasso to Cezanne exhibit.

You've been tagged for a meme on my blog. I was tagged. I felt the need to tag others. It reminded me of interesting things to maybe use in a poem. Or maybe not.

Chet Gresham said...

It was free Feb 1-21, but when I went to buy a season pass the lady told me if I was a teacher/student I could get in free any time. But I really wanted to get into the picasso/cezanne exhibit so I almost bought it, but she talked me out of spending the 70 bucks. I don't know if there was any new stuff at the exhibit because a lot of the walls were bare. They just moved the "good" stuff into the pay area because so many people were getting in for free. Maybe.

Chet Gresham said...

I take that back. Looks like there is a lot of non-Art Institute work in the show.