Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Go Shockers!!

So my alma mater is Wichita State University. I used to attend the men's basketball games religously and still keep up with them (mainly by listening to play by play on the web). Tonight my Shockers beat the San Francisco Don's. What the hell is a Don? My brother in law's name is Don. But I'm sure you are asking what in the hell is a Shocker? Well I guess it is someone who is harvesting wheat (at least in the olden timey days). Here is a cool site showing some

  • Wheat Shocking
  • and here is our oh so cuddly mascot
  • Wu Shock

  • I used to think this was a pretty lame mascot, but now I love and identify with it completely. Kansas rules!!

    Anyway, they won and are doing well at 7-1. Their only loss was to the defending national champion runner-ups, Illinois. And they only lost by one point. They play the nationally ranked Michigan State Spartans next and will probably lose, but I'll still be cheering!


    brandijay said...

    Whatever, wheat shockers as a mascot? Please! My mom went to Wichita State and when I was growing up I gave her all sorts of grief... Is anyone supposed to be scared of a bundle of wheat??

    Troglodyte said...

    Hey! If you pile those suckers up high enough they could easily fall on you. Who would be laughing then?!!!