Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Face Transplant

Just read this NY Times article,

  • As a Face Transplant Heals, Flurries of Questions Arise

  • Here's a quote from the article, "Reports that the donor committed suicide also have implications for Ms. Dinoire's future, because if true, and if the transplant is successful, it would mean that for the rest of her life, she would see in the mirror the nose, mouth and chin of a woman who herself met a brutal end."

    I can see the hollywood script writer's word processors lighting up as we speak. Move over 21 Grams.


    A. said...

    What's great is that NOW it begins to sound creepy?
    Holy Fucking fuck! It was totally creepy to begin with. Isn't there already a bad movie about transplanted parts?

    Troglodyte said...

    I know. When I first heard about it everyone was saying, look at this medical marvel. How quickly things change. Twilight Zone material.