Sunday, March 23, 2008


Here is some of our stuff. I'm not a big fan of "stuff," but I still want it! I love bringing things back from vacations and sometimes making things. This first picture has a shrine Maggie made on the left, a rock that looks like it has a bear print that I found in Oklahoma, two bear fetishes we bought at Dave's Rock Shop here in Evanston, Some more rocks found in the southwest, two crosses I made, a deer antler I found along the Cimarron, a small southwestern pot, a Frida box, an iron something or other that says "ER" on it, and a small mammal skull that I haven't quite figured out yet.
I found this Audubon print of Canvasbacks at the Junior League here in Evanston.
This fish fossil was given to me by my Father in law. The little Bison was my Grandmother Gresham's.
I wish we could say we found this skull, but we bought it at this huge, amazing shop in Santa Fe called Jackalope.
And this painting I got for my birthday is by my friend Rob Compton.
And my ultimate collection of "stuff" are my Tolkien books. Here are just a few.

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