Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fried Green Tomatoes!!

Well, these are the last of our tomatoes. Maggie's been making fried green tomatoes all summer and here's our last batch of the year.

Slice them up. I like thinner and crispier. Maggie likes them sliced thicker.
Then dip them in egg.
Next coat them with bread crumbs and corn meal.
Then give them a nice toasty deep fry. This removes all fat and calories!
and here you have them! Mmmmmmmmm!!! Mmmmm! Good!


Shimmy said...

You should dip them in tuna fish before you deep-fry the calories out of them!

(And you're among those tagged in today's posting.)

cogresha said...

Dottie would probably like that. We'll give it a try!

A. said...

Ohmigod. Give them here.

cogresha said...

Too late!!!