Friday, May 26, 2006

Keats on the Big Screen

Who do you think will play Keats? I'm thinking Johnny Depp.

Jane Campion unveils drama on poet John Keats

New Zealand filmmaker Jane Campion will direct a drama based on 19th century poet John Keats.
At the Cannes International Film Festival, Campion said she was writing the screenplay for Bright Star, which follows the story of a three year romance between Keats and Fanny Browne.
The relationship came to an untimely end when Keats's life was cut short at age 25 in 1821.
Campion, who is based in Sydney, told The Hollywood Reporter that British poet Andrew Morton is working with her on the script, which has been commissioned and will be produced by Pathe UK. No production date has been set.
Short film part of UN feature

Campion was in Cannes this week with her new short film, The Water Diary, which screened yesterday out of competition.
The Water Diary is one of a series of eight short films commissioned by the United Nations that combine into a feature, called 8, highlighting issues of poverty, hunger, education and health in developing countries.
The short was shot near Cooma in NSW and tells the story through a child's eyes about living through a drought. It stars an unknown cast of children alongside well-known actors such as Justine Clarke and Russell Dykstra.
Film credits

Campion won the Palme d'Or in 1982 with her short Peel. She won the award again in 1993 for The Piano, for which she later won an Oscar for original screenplay.
Her other film credits include The Portrait of a Lady, An Angel At My Table, In The Cut and Holy Smoke.
The 59th Cannes International Film Festival closes on Sunday.

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