Friday, May 05, 2006


A couple weeks ago Dottie got a Urinary Tract Infection. After an emergency vet visit and a goodly amount of worry and money, things seem to be back to normal. After some research I am now a firm believer in giving her high-end canned food. This is a long ways from my childhood of throwing out the cheapest kibble possible to the barn cats. The main problem with kibble is that it has less than 10% moisture and the canned usually has around 75%. Cats evolved by getting almost all moisture from their food so it is almost impossible for a dry food fed cat to get the moisture it needs from a water bowl. This lack of water causes UTI's and a host of other problems. Additives and by-products are also a problem in dry and canned food so I've decided my precious kitty needs the most expensive food possible! We've been feeding her Wellness, but there are other good brands out there. Here are some links that go into the problem in more depth.


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  • Cats live twenty years on dehydrated diseased cow parts all the time, but I feel like I should do the best I can since I have her locked up in this apartment.


    Shimmy said...

    Dottie! I hope you're better soon. The only thing worse than a urinary tract infection is going to the Satanic Majesties Vet for treatment of a urinary tract infection.

    Where did you find that laundry basket? A waterbug crawled between two floorboard planks this morning.

    Troglodyte said...


    They tried sacrificing me to their metallic God, but I fought off their sleepy fumes and gave them the sharpened fury of my claws. I'm much better now. Flies don't taste good, but I've killed two today.


    maggie faircloth said...

    what a cute kitty. I bet she's hungry...ret reow... yep!