Wednesday, July 23, 2008

North Pond

I work for The Lincoln Park Conservancy. I help take care of The Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool and North Pond. I took some pictures of some of the flowers around the pond. There is a wonderful prairie we call the "West Prairie" that is full of good natives. It almost takes care of itself. It is probably my favorite part of North Pond.

The flower buds of one of my favorite plants, Prairie Dock
A wider view of Prairie Dock
Cardinal Flower, the only other red I can compare this plant to is a Scarlet Tanager
Joe Pye Weed and a view of North Pond and the Chicago skyline from the north end
Jerusalem Artichoke
The West Prairie
Wild Quinine
Purple Coneflower
Rattlesnake Master
Big Bluestem (Turkey-foot) reminds me of Kansas


Anonymous said...

Chet, looking at your pictures is a wonderful vacation. I have always loved the coneflowers.
Debbie Faircloth

sam of the ten thousand things said...

Great images--

You've been tagged with a meme.

Morning Angel said...

Great post. I love your photos as usual.

Morning Angel said...

Couldn't you put your poems up so they can be read? When I click those poetry links, all I get are magazines I can't access.

-Morning Angel