Thursday, December 20, 2007

Black-footed Ferrets

14 Black-footed Ferrets have been reintroduced into Logan County, KS!! This is great news. Audubon of Kansas has played a pivotal role in helping conserve the prairie ecosystem.Ron Klataske, Audubon of Kansas Executive Director
Recently there has been a lot of controversy in western Kansas because there is a law on the books that allows state authorities to go onto your property and poison prairie dogs. Landowners Larry and Bette Haverfield and Gordon Barnhardt have thwarted this antiquated law along with Audubon of Kansas and kept them from poisoning for now! I have the utmost respect for these people. They are true conservationists. I hope this is a return of the Black-footed Ferret and many other prairie species.Larry and Bette Haverfield

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Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful of them! I hope the are recognized by the county or state for this..Yea!