Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Birding Meme, the results

Thanks everyone who has answered my Birding Meme! I thought I would make a comprehensive list here so people can check out each other's answers. I'll continue to add links as they happen or I find them. The OC Warbler, A DC Birding Blog, Search and Serendipity, Bell Tower Birding, Wrenaissance Reflections, Jeff Gyr's Birding Blog, Steve Blain's Bird Porn, The Hawk Owl's Nest, Born Again Bird Watcher, 2 Birders To Go, Wild Bird On The Fly, Thomasburg Walks, 10,000 Birds, The Wandering Tattler, Nurturing Nature, bogbumper, Words and Pictures, James, Crafty Gardener, and . . .

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